Exciting News for Formula One Fans: Hungarian Grand Prix Secures 2032 Extension with Stunning Upgrades!

Exciting news for Formula One fans! The Hungarian Grand Prix is set to stay on the calendar until at least 2032, thanks to a recent five-year extension announced on Saturday.

Formula One shared that the contract extension starting from 2027 was made possible by the plans for a major refurbishment of the Hungaroring. This includes some fantastic upgrades like a brand new pit building and a main grandstand, promising an even better experience for all the fans.

Hungary has been a part of the Formula One world championship since 1986, boasting its iconic circuit located about 20km outside the beautiful city of Budapest. The track has witnessed some incredible races over the years and has become a favorite among drivers and fans alike.

The legendary Lewis Hamilton, who has clinched the world championship title seven times, has an outstanding record at the Hungarian Grand Prix. He’s taken the victory eight times, setting an impressive record.

The popularity of the event continues to soar, with this weekend’s race expecting to welcome more than 300,000 fans, a rise from the 290,000 attendees last year. It’s a testament to the excitement and passion that surrounds Formula One.

F1’s Chief Executive, Stefano Domenicali, expressed his delight with the commitment shown by the Hungarian promoter in improving the facilities and enhancing the overall experience for fans. This dedication is something they hope to see from all the events on the Formula One calendar.

Hungaroring’s President, Zsolt Gyulay, shared that the circuit renovations are expected to be finished by 2026. The changes are part of their efforts to keep up with the astonishing global popularity of Formula One. With more venues vying for a spot on the calendar than ever before, securing this extension is a significant achievement for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

So, gear up for more thrilling races at the Hungarian Grand Prix in the coming years, and get ready to witness some memorable moments in the world of Formula One!

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