Indian-American Scientist Shiva Ayyadurai Announces Independent Run for 2024 US Presidential Race

Shiva Ayyadurai, a 59-year-old scientist and entrepreneur of Indian-American origin, has officially entered the race for the 2024 US presidential election as an independent candidate. He becomes the fourth Indian-American to do so.

During his campaign announcement, Ayyadurai emphasized his commitment to go beyond the conventional political divisions of “Left” and “Right.” He aims to provide the American people with the solutions they truly need and deserve. Born in Mumbai, he now seeks to serve his adopted country in a higher capacity.

Who is Shiva Ayyadurai?

Ayyadurai, a resident of Paterson, New Jersey since 1970, personifies the American dream. His formative years in India were fraught with difficulties, as his family belonged to the marginalized low-caste group referred to as the “Untouchables”. These early hardships ignited his determination for advancement and change in the United States.

Shiva Ayyadurai asserts that he created ’emails’ during his early years. He is a recipient of the Fulbright scholarship and holds four degrees from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), including a Ph.D. in biological engineering. Ayyadurai gained recognition for initiating seven cutting-edge companies, among them EchoMail, CytoSolve, and Systems Health.

Other Indian-origin candidates

Other Indian origin who announced their candidacy are Hirsh Vardhan Singh, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy all from Republican Party.


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