Unlocking the Hidden Potential in 2023: Discoveries and Transformations in Production Support

IT Production Support

The technical equivalent of healthcare is production support. Most of the time, it involves the tedious task of building footprints up a pile of trees while making an informed estimate. I felt the same way before I started supporting production. However, since moving into production support, I’ve learned a lot that changed my attitude towards software development, IT production support, and teamwork in general. Here are some of the things that left the biggest impression on me on this trip:

Beauty in IT Production Support

Developers can request more time to complete their tasks as needed and always have enough time to complete system development. Production support SLAs (service level agreements) are strict and stringent, with fines for late resolution.

IT service providers adhere to their own operational support framework to achieve maximum SLA compliance at the lowest possible cost. Complex situations can be simplified with a well-designed framework.

Production Support Engineers must remain vigilant and proactive. It’s not easy to process complex code and piles of logs in a short amount of time. You certainly don’t have the opportunity to develop new functionality, but you do have the opportunity to debug existing application code. Each time you do this, think of different ways to improve your code.

For support engineers, every day is a new start as they never know which branch will fail or which task will be aborted.

Stay calm and don’t jump to conclusions about the cause of the problem. Before explaining a problem and its solution to a customer, make sure you understand it yourself. Miscommunication increases confusion and lengthens problem resolution. Effective and open communication gets everyone on the same level and fully understands the problem and its root cause. This ensures everyone follows directions and avoids confusion.

Participating in a Major Incident Management interview gives you the opportunity to work with a wide range of stakeholders as well as highly qualified and experienced individuals.

Thorough knowledge of system integration is supported by the creation of post-mortem investigations that include a thorough root cause analysis of the problem. Opportunity to use various high-end technologies such as Splunk, Firebug, TeamViewer, Putty, Apache Tomcat, Citirix, Jira, ServiceNow and Talend during production support work.

Opportunity to develop tools that can contribute to system improvement strategies and eliminate manual, repetitive and inefficient tasks.

The knowledge I gained from this expedition was invaluable and I believe it has improved my leadership skills as well. So, folks, the next time your project manager asks you to help with production, nod enthusiastically and be ready to innovate.

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